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Civil litigation in simple terms is not criminal litigation. In other words, civil litigation encompasses the legal process of weighing the facts presented by the parties (Plaintiff and Defendant), and determining what remedy at law is most appropriate. Civil Litigation cases arise, when parties to a contractually obligated agreement, become so inflamed by a dispute, or misunderstanding the only viable solution is to seek court intervention.

  • At the Law Office of Tasha May, PLLC, we handle an array of civil litigation cases, to include breach of contract, business and commercial disputes. Our goal is to guide you to make wise decisions when faced with challenging circumstances.

  • Commercial disputes, business disputes, and other contractually obligated disputes occur daily. While many of these disputes can be resolved fairly between the contracted parties, there are certainly times disputes can only be resolved by litigating the facts.

  • When faced with a dispute, which requires legal assistance, it is important to hire an attorney who understands the judicial process and can navigate the court system. At the Law Office of Tasha May, PLLC, we make sure every case is thoroughly prepared, making certain the case is grounded in a sound legal theory and ensuring the case is prepared for trial.

If you are in need of legal representation with a civil matter, call the Law Office of Tasha May, PLLC, to help you make an informed, competent and thoughtful decision in a stressful situation.

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